The repeater is licensed for both analogue and C4FM but only analogue FM is currently live and we will be creating a C4FM repeater in the future and the plan is for connection to the Southern Fusion Network. The antenna is a 4 stack so that we have some directivity to prevent interference with both Vectis Radio and the SAR who are also sharing the mast.

I would like to thank Vectis radio for the use of their mast which is located on the high ground at St Georges in Newport on the golf course. They also provide the internet connection and the power, Rack etc and the space for the equipment and without whom we may still be looking for a location.

The repeater also has Echolink connected to it so that people outside of its range are able to join the weekly nets that take place on GB3IW. This allows for the amateurs in other countries to join in along with many fellow amateurs that are all over the UK.

The repeater is currently a home made box and has 6 cavities and a circulator to prevent deafening but as plans are afoot to build a new box with Echolink built in we expect the repeater to get back to a similar position as it has been in the near future. Once the analogue side is sorted we will activate the digital side so that the island then has a C4FM repeater on it.

This is the anticipated coverage with the current antenna which is the 4 stack. These antenna have very little gain on them and so we have a colinear to replace it with.

This is the anticipated coverage once the colinear is installed so the coverage will be extensive once again.

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